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Autumn Tidings

November 29, 2016

I haven’t really had any follow-up in a while, but just to bring everyone up to speed, here’s what’s happened starting with October 1st.

  • My car got worked over by a flatbed, despite being parked and me sitting in it eating breakfast.
  • I managed to smash my small toe on a doorframe and dislocate it, which took weeks to recover.
  • I got bumped down in hours, then finally let go from my job.

All in the span of about 30 days. Needless to say, October 2016 was not a banner month for me. Still, onwards and upwards I suppose. Luckily I’ve been getting myself back into a writing flow with my newfound free time, and have been tackling some creative pursuits to get ready for the 2017 screenwriting season.

Anyway, new stuff coming to Naughty Looks very soon!  Cheers!




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  1. When all else fails, we can still write our way out of this mess. Hang tight, good buddy.

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