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At Long Last: SDCC ’12

July 18, 2012

As I have mentioned in the past, I attended the San Diego Comic-Con twice, one day in ’07 and two days in ’08, but due to various reasons (chief among them being money, and my being in want of it) had not attended since then.  It wasn’t something I missed all that much, to be honest.  In 2007, I had been attending college for a couple years and had made many friends through the campus film club, which had a heavy assortment of students with various geeky interests, and quite a few of them were and still are avid comic buffs.  Needless to say, SDCC was an event they had attended multiple times prior and talked about with increasing frequency and excitement as the event drew near that year.

Eventually, I decided to give it a shot and attend a day that year, just to see what it was like.  I had an amazing time, traveled around the exhibit hall, bought some cool t-shirts, and attended a couple panels in Hall H, where the large movie panels are usually held.  Incidentally, this was also the first year the Con had sold out, with tickets running out at the door.  This would end up being the last time tickets were sold at the door, period.

The following year I attended two days, but it just didn’t have the impact it did the previous year.  I was unable to attend any panels on either day, and the convention floor was packed to capacity both days, making it very difficult to move around the floor.  In both years I had traveled to and from the convention via train, making it all the more tiring with the only rest being when the day was finished.  With it becoming increasingly difficult to make it to any panels and my own friends attending less, I just wasn’t as hyped for the event anymore, and with my own funds devoted towards finishing school, I wasn’t interested in putting a chunk towards an event I just wasn’t as interested in.

Fast forward several years.  I’ve finished school, moved home, found work (not career-level, but these days it’s something), and have grown more interested in the comic medium as a whole.  Knowing that some friends were going to be making an attempt to attend the convention this year, I finally decided to try for buying tickets again.  In the last few years, the San Diego Comic-Con has grown even more frantic and popular, with tickets selling out within months, then within weeks, then within hours.  Despite the difficulty, I managed to procure tickets for two days again and found myself looking forward to the convention, having been away for so long.  In the meantime, I decided to attend the WonderCon in Anaheim, which I enjoyed immensely and have covered earlier.

This year I managed to snag a hotel room with my brother and a friend of his, and went down the day before my tickets allowed me to attend, giving me time to just get a feel for the area and explore around.  Although I enjoyed it greatly, my coverage of the event will be fairly brief because I honestly didn’t do a whole lot.  The highlights included the signings, in which I met and shook hands with Scott Snyder (Batman, Swamp Thing, American Vampire), Kyle Higgins (Nightwing, Deathstroke), and Darwyn Cooke (The New Frontier, Before Watchmen: Minutemen, Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre), and walked away with my copies of Batman: Gates of Gotham and The New Frontier signed.  Unfortunately the line was cut off literally right before me for Trevor McCarthy (Batwoman, Batman: Gates of Gotham), so he’ll have to wait for another day.  I also got to make some small talk with each of them, in the case of Snyder and Higgins discussing Gates of Gotham being my first Batman trade purchase, and discussing the accessibility of limited series works like New Frontier to new readers with Cooke.  Both series I’ll be doing posts on at some point in the future.

Outside of that, and getting some excellent deals on trades I had been looking for, there was not really much else other than purchasing some trades from the present vendors, which I hadn’t done before, but having started looking into and buying trades following WonderCon, it’s something I’ll definitely be taking advantage of in the future.  Hilariously enough, most of the stuff I bought was written by Geoff Johns (Justice League, Green Lantern, Blackest Night), the trades in question being the first five volumes of the 2003-2011 run of Teen Titans and the much more recent Batman: Earth One.  Unfortunately, Geoff Johns being who he is, I was unable to make it to any signings, as the staff had anticipated that a great number of fans would attempt to make the signing, so bands were given out at the beginning of the respective days for priority signing (said bands ran out in about five minutes).  On one last note regarding signings, I scoured everywhere and was unable to find a copy of the first volume of the Young Justice tie-in comic, which I had searched around for as Greg Weisman (Gargoyles, Spectacular Spider-Man, Young Justice) was signing that day.

Not really much else to discuss, I’m afraid.  I’ll still be attempting early preregistration for next year as the event has taken on a life of its own outside the convention center and the entire city has become part of the attraction, so it’s really something I look forward to attending regardless of if I make it into any panels or not.  As for the panels, news, seminars, and so on, I’ll leave those to the far less mainstream WonderCon, even when it eventually moves back to San Francisco.  That’s it for now, but I’ll be back the aforementioned Watchmen piece I’ve been meaning to do, as well as some others I have in mind.  Plenty in store to come!


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