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June 28, 2012

All right, so I haven’t made any updates since finishing the WonderCon coverage, but at least this time, it’s party due to just being busy and not just outright laziness.  I spent the better part of last month traveling driving up and down to the Los Angeles area doing work for my company at various private high schools.

I’d never been to a private school before, but it was an interesting experience.  Like a high school/college hybrid with Christian educational texts.

Regardless, it’s finished now, and I’ll be heading to the San Diego Comic-Con in a few weeks for the first time in years, and in the last few months I’ve gotten into buying trades.  So as part of the build-up, I’ll be making posts about some of the various trades I’ve read.

I’ll be starting with my gateway into the world of comics, which appropriately I purchased during my first visit to SDCC.  I’m talking Watchmen.  Stay tuned.

Update 7/12/12: OK, so things did not pan out as intended.  I have found myself unable to do some pieces on trades like I had hoped, nor was I able to churn some out and set them on queue while I’m out for the next few days at the Con.  Chalk it up to being busy and/or general laziness.  Regardless, I’m looking very forward to returning to San Diego Comic-Con this year, and I’ll have plenty for free time after this weekend, so I’ll get to covering the event and doing those trade coverages then.


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