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WonderCon: Day 3

April 10, 2012

Well, we’ve arrived at the third and final day.  Having already traversed the convention floor for two days by this point, there’s not a lot I can add that wasn’t already covered in the previous two days’ coverage, so I’ll just cover the important bits as well as the two panels I attended.

The very first thing I made sure to do when I arrived that morning was head right to the Avatar Press booth for the Max Brooks signing.  I had missed his signing times on Friday, so I had asked when he was signing on Sunday and made sure I would put it at the top of my priorities.  After a short wait in line, I had both my copies of The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z signed by the author to my great joy.  Having no other signings or obligations to make, the rest was gravy.  Just before leaving, I did make sure to stop by and thank Brandon Easton for his panel on Friday like I had planned to, so I was happy about that.  In addition, thanks to several very timely visits to the DC booth, I managed to snag free #1 issues of Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and The Flash, which would be my first exposure to the New 52 line and would eventually lead to me finally entering the world of comics.  But that’s an article for another time.  Now onto the panels.

The first panel ended up being one I had been planning on attending, but I don’t think I was expecting to get as much out of it as I did.  The panel was “How to Write Action for Kids’ TV” and featured Dani Michaeli (The Aquabats Super Show!) as the moderator, with Nicole Dubuc (Transformers: Prime), James Krieg (Green Lantern: The Animated Series), Joelle Sellner (Teen Titans), Eugene Son (Iron Man: Armored Adventures), and Matt Wayne (Ben Ten) as panelists.  I had seen James Krieg the day before on the DC Nation panel, and I recognized Nicole Dubuc’s name as the writer for several Young Justice episodes, so I knew this was an event that deserved my attention.  The entire panel gave a lot of insight into the writing process for children’s animated action, and it was very cool to hear from a panel that’s worked on such a diverse set of cartoons, including some that used traditional 2-D animation and others with CGI.  Children’s animation is definitely a career prospect I would die for, and working on a cartoon like Young Justice or something similar would probably be a dream come true for me.  This panel and the next one went a long way towards revitalizing the creative drive in me to write.

The second panel was probably the most practical panel I attended all weekend, and was titled as “Full-Time Creative Work on a Part-Time Schedule.”  This plus the Writer’s Journey panel from Friday were the ones that sparked my interest in attending WonderCon when I had read them on the event listings, and made me realize that attending would perhaps prove beneficial career-wise and not just as something to do that weekend.  The event did not disappoint, and the panel featured a slew of professionals who have made strides in their creative endeavors while still managing to maintain a decent livelihood.  I learned a lot of great tips about networking and making connections, and will be making sure to employ those in the future.  My aunt had suggested the week before that I print business cards from a website online (one of the first things the panel recommended heavily was having some sort of contact information ready to be handed out at all times), and I’ll be sure to have them on hand when I attend the San Diego Comic-Con in July, which you can safely bet that I will be covering here as well.  It’s only going to be two days, but for as packed as WonderCon weekend was, a single day at SDCC is utter insanity.

And thatfinally completes the WonderCon 2012 weekend!  It took longer than I planned, but I’m very happy I was able to put my thoughts to paper (so to speak) on the event, and in the time it’s taken me to write these entries I’ve developed numerous article ideas that I will be updating with in the weeks to come.  That’s right folks, I’m only getting started.

‘Til next time!


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  1. Send me your new cards! Please look up Sheila Keenan at the Abrams booth at ComicCon.

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