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WonderCon: Day 2.5 (DC Nation Panel)

April 6, 2012

Before I launch into panel coverage, a little background on what DC Nation actually is.  DC Nation is an hour-long programming block that premiered about two weeks before the WonderCon panel took place, and consists of the shows Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice, as well as various 75-second animated shorts dealing with various DC comics characters.  The Green Lantern series is one that I have not yet followed despite Bruce Timm’s involvement, though I am a full-fledged of the Young Justice cartoon and thus was my primary motivation for attending the event.  But enough pipe-laying, onto the panel!

The event opened with the introduction of the panelists: Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti for Young Justice, Giancarlo Volpe and James Krieg for Green Lantern: The Animated Series, and Ben Jones and Lauren Faust for the DC Nation shorts.  There were cheers for all the panelists, but especially for Lauren Faust, which puzzled me for a moment before I remembered why.

First up was Green Lantern: The Animated Series.  My history with the Green Lantern character is one that started back in the 90s, where my first exposure to the character was on Superman: The Animated Series in the episode “In Brightest Day,” which featured Kyle Rayner as an artist working at the Daily Planet who receives the ring and fights Sinestro.  Years later, Justice League starred John Stewart as the team’s Green Lantern, who to this date is probably my favorite interpretation of the Lanterns.  During my time watching Justice League and browsing the various message boards online, I kept hearing about this “Hal Jordan” guy, who’s supposedly the best Green Lantern and the greatest hero ever and one day he would return from Comic Book Limbo and lead us all to the Promised Land.  Said Promised Land ended up being the Green Lantern film, which was, to put it in cosmic-related terms, less than stellar.  But time passed and Hal Jordan is back in a big way, being the lead in the aforementioned film and the new CGI-animated series, as well as returning to prominence as the central Green Lantern in the comics and representative League member.  He also appears as a member of the Justice League in Young Justice, alongside fellow Green Lantern John Stewart, which I find to be a nice touch.

Wow, got sidetracked there.  Back to the panel.

Several clips from upcoming episodes of the series were shown, including a run-in with the Red Lanterns, Carol Ferris as Star Sapphire, and Saint Walker (which the crowd took nicely to), which shows the cartoon will be adapting a ton of the material Geoff Johns bought to the mythos in the last decade.  This was even addressed in the panel’s Q&A, with the panelists even hinting they may consider doing a “Blackest Night” adaptation sometime down the line.  I loved the Blackest Night crossover, though I’m curious how as to how they’d adapt such a dark and violent storyline what’s first and foremost a children’s show, but I’ve been surprised before by what animation can get away these days.  All in all, I was intrigued by the show after this panel and seeing James Krieg again at a Sunday panel, so I’ll definitely be checking this show out in the future.

Next up was the DC Nation animated shorts, which I have to say was probably the most pleasant surprise of the panel.  We were showed a series of full-length shorts that had yet to air on the network, including a Doom Patrol short (Ben Jones has apparently been pitching a Doom Patrol series to the network for the last eight years), a claymation short featuring the Batman characters, and Lauren Faust’s “Super Best Friends Forever” which I did enjoy and I think a half-hour cartoon of it would do very well.  But my far and away favorite which had me and the crowd in stitches were the pair of animated shorts featuring “Animal Man,” a character most well-known for his run under the pen of Grant Morrison, which makes it somewhat odd a rather dark character is getting such a humorous take, but I enjoyed it a great deal and can’t wait to see it aired so I can show my friends.

Young Justice was the last one up, and featured a three-and-a-half minute trailer recapping the story so far, as well as highlighting the various character storylines and villain appearances.  There were some cheers for Zatanna and Vandal Savage, as well as a lot of high-pitched screams when Red Arrow showed up (ladies love their Crispin Freeman, it seems).  But the highlight by far was the last ten or twelve seconds of quick snippets of footage from the upcoming second season, with the crowd erupting for a brief half-second appearance of Blue Beetle. Young Justice ends its first season this month (and I will possibly be doing an article on it following the conclusion), and launches immediately into Young Justice: Invasion the following week.  If you’re not following the series, I highly recommend doing so.

That’s it for day two.  Stay tuned for the third and final day!


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