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WonderCon: Day 1

March 17, 2012

Well, I’m exhausted and would very much rather go to bed, but I said I’d do this, so here goes…

Let me start off by saying that my first day at WonderCon was an absolute blast, and if the next two days are at all like this one than it was more than worth the price of admission.  Though I went in thinking the event was more of a Comic-Con-lite, I had two advantages over my last visit to SDCC.  One was the vastly smaller number of people (though part of it could be because it was a Friday afternoon) which made it possible to move around, unlike at SDCC where it’s so crowded its like trying to swim through a ball pit.  The other was the fact that I was actually able to make it into panels this time, which was a considerable high note.

After getting dropped off and entering the center, I was surprised to peer in on my way to registration and see what looked like mats set up and a lot of indoor sports, and for a brief moment I was wondering what kind of activities they had at WonderCon.  I then immediately realized it was some kind of women’s indoor sports tournament, and that WonderCon was actually being held in one segment of the building, not the whole center.  I hope they eventually move SDCC to Anaheim now, because that place is massive.

I ended up attending only two panels today, but I had a great time at both.  After getting registered, which only took a few minutes, I decided to check the upstairs rooms to get a feel for where everything was and where the panels would be before checking out the floor.  While upstairs, I checked out the DC All-Access panel, which had plenty of room five minutes before the panel started, so I ducked in and got a reasonably good seat to see a who’s who of DC editors and writers pitch their upcoming projects.  I’ve also decided that controversy be damned, I like Scott Lobdell.

The second event I attended prior to leaving was “The Writer’s Journey.”  This panel was one of the reasons I decided to even go to WonderCon in the first place.  It was incredibly informative and I really enjoyed hearing the panelists talking about writing and breaking into the entertainment industry.  There’s a river of books on the subject, but I find that any advice that comes straight from someone who’s walked the path I hope to follow to be infinitely more valuable.  The panel was hosted by comics scribe Brandon M. Easton (who’s currently working on the Thundercats cartoon), and featured television writers Keto Shimizu (Being Human) and Jonathan Callan (Generator Rex).  I very much enjoyed Mr. Easton’s commentary and I hope to see him at his booth sometime this weekend to thank him for such an informative panel.

Between panels, I spent most of my time navigating the floor, taking in the sights and sounds, and scouting out and making mental notes of the various shirts and swag I may want to buy over the weekend.  I’ll probably be covering more about it over the weekend, so I’ll just make a quick note that “Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City” looks crazily awesome and I hope to get into the World of Capcom panel to hear more about it.

Sorry for the lack of photos, I was too busy exploring and I wasn’t in the mood to snapshot.  Stay tuned!


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