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Business is About to Pick Up…

March 16, 2012

Three months!  Twice as productive as I’d thought I’d be!

My first visit to a comic book convention was the San Diego Comic-Con in 2007.  I had never been into comics themselves; decades of continuity, lack of money, and that I never found a “local comic store” until I went to school in LA were major factors.  Comic properties in other mediums, though, I was absolutely nuts for.  I grew up on Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series, and knew them initially through the Tim Burton and Richard Donner films, and I was familiar with Spider-Man and the X-Men from their shows on FOX.  It wasn’t til the 2000s that I became more familiar with the other characters in DC and Marvel, thanks to Justice League and the wave of Marvel superhero films and that popped up, but I still had little interest in the original comic medium itself.

After a couple years in college and making friends with some avid comic followers, I learned more about the San Diego Comic-Con, which my friends had visited on occasion in the past and recommended I attend that year.  After some thinking it over (I may have settled on ‘sure, why not?’),  I decided to attend the Thursday that year and check it out.  Several amazing presentations, panels, and an all-around amazing experience later, I decided to be a yearly attendee.

That lasted about one year, where I visited Thursday and Friday in 2008 and hadn’t been able to attend since due to lack of money and the fact that it sells out faster year after year.  But things have changed and I (barely) managed to scrape tickets for Friday and Saturday at SDCC this year and I’m very excited.  But that’s not what I’m posting about.

There’s another comics convention called WonderCon that’s been held in past years in San Francisco, and though it’s not on the sheer level of SDCC, it’s still a very large event that attracts a lot of people from many walks of life.  I had no interest in going, but this year it’s moved to Anaheim, and with the close distance and a pretty sweet deal on tickets (not to mention that it’s slow season at the campus bookstore and I have no hours for another week and I need something to do this weekend), I gave into impulse and will be attending the event all three days.  Each day has quite a few panels on writing, screenwriting, or breaking into the industry, so I figure I’d be wasting a massive career opportunity in not attending, and I’m quite happy with convincing myself of that line of reasoning.

My point is, this is an excellent opportunity for me to get myself back into writing regularly, and I’ll be posting my thoughts and experiences on each day of the convention on this very blog, so stay tuned!


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