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Where Better to Start Than a Galaxy Far, Far Away?

July 11, 2011

So I’ve spent the last week-and-a-half not writing in my blog because, one, I got a twitter account, which turned out to be even easier to write in than a blog, and far easier that doing something productive with my life; and two, I didn’t really have any idea what to write about.  I have a few article ideas, but haven’t committed to writing them because I haven’t gotten the hang of WordPress yet, and if I just spit them out now before I’ve made this a regular thing, there’s no guarantee that I’ll continue afterwards.  But what to write about?

Last Saturday I finally got Star Wars: Jedi Academy in the mail and spent most of the weekend playing through it (for the record, it’s awesome), and my mom kept trying to broach the subject of me writing more (which I HAD said I was going to do; you’re all witnesses).  I didn”t know what to write about in my blog next, but as I continued to slice through baddies, it hit me as if millions of voices had cried out in terror- I needed food.

On the walk back from Los Golondrinas, I realized I should write about Star Wars.

I suppose my love of Star Wars runs in the blood.  Back when my parents were dating, one of their first dates consisted of my dad taking my mom to see The Empire Strikes Back (my dad is an awesome human being).  I watched the original trilogy when I was a kid, and loved all of them, my personal favorite being Return of the Jedi, as it had the most explosions (I was a simple child with simple taste).  One of my first computer games was the original Dark Forces, which I still love playing even to this day, thanks in no small part to the guys at DF-21.  Seriously, if you have Dark Forces and you’ve never checked out this site, do so.  You’d be amazed at the stuff some of these guys do with a game engine made in 1994.  I could even do a whole blog post on the Dark Forces Saga alone.

Outside of the movies (everything that can be said about the prequels has already been said, so I’ll spare you my take on them), my only real interaction with the Expanded Universe, other than the aforementioned Dark Forces games (excluding Dark Forces II), consists of the novel Children of the Jedi that I got for my birthday or Christmas or something, and never actually read it; several of the Glove of Darth Vader books (which I unfortunately DID read) , various other video games, as well as the Clone Wars cartoon, both the new one and the Genndy Tartakovsky version.

Why wasn't THIS in the movie?

Nowadays, Star Wars is a pretty mixed bag.  The movies are pretty much finished, barring the Star Wars 3D Final Cut Remix Edition re-releases that are all the rage these days (it’s like George Lucas and Capcom swapped notes); the video games are, well, still awesome (honestly, I’d be happy if BioWare didn’t bother making The Old Republic game and just made five-minute trailers forever), and the literary world is, in a word, lackluster.  The last decade of literature has involved killing off several popular characters, an invasion from a species that is somehow unaffected by the force and possesses superior biotechnology (both concepts as bold as they are stupid), and then one of the characters goes insane and calls himself a Sith for some reason, and then the Republic elects another villain as it’s leader somehow, everybody turns on Luke Skywalker (the guy who’s had “saving the galaxy” on his resume for the last thirty years), and I don’t know what happens after that, because I stopped caring at some point around the words “Sun Crusher.”

Not even touching this one.

And yet, in spite of it’s numerous low points, I still remain a Star Wars fan to this day.  I still get that twinge of giddiness when something new comes out in the Star Wars galaxy (the aforementioned BioWare trailers are the main culprits), and to be honest, in spite of his, to put it mildly, questionable decisions, George Lucas is the reason I want to even be a writer in the first place.  The man created an entire universe, with it’s own rules, characters, and history, and I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than the same thing.  And maybe one day, I’ll get the chance to contribute to the same universe that has entertained me for most of my life.

Hint hint, LucasFilm.


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  1. Personally, for all the craptastic material that the Star Wars EU has been putting out lately, “Star Wars Legacy” is not that bad. Granted, it’s a bit of rehash of the Original Trilogy, but that’s still eons better than rehashing the prequels like “Legacy of the Force” tried to do.

    The only new thing from SW to be excited about is whenever they release another cinematic trailer for “The Old Republic.”

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